Friday, May 23, 2014

The wondrous 6x6 paper pad...

Hi everyone! Josie here, and today I would like to share with you one of my favourite scrapbooking product, 6x6 Paper pads. I love how much I can do with only just one. (Although, I admit, one is never enough for a hoarder like me). In this post, I will show you how versatile  6x6 paper pads are with 3 different I have created with one pad. This tiny paper size it not sure for card making! The paper pad featured today is from Styleboard Collection by Maggie Holmes
Styleboard 6x6 paper pad by Maggie Holmes
Don't let 6x6 paper pads size fool you... they are great for creating large 12x12 projects! First, I would like to share a layout I made. The 6x6 papers are great for layering. I always love it because the size is just perfect and you don't have to do much trimming. :) I added some embellishments mostly from styleboard collection as well.
layout made by Joise Teh for Mei Li Paperie
6x6 paper pads are also perfect for project life. I did this Project Life spread for April entirely with the paper pad. I just trim the papers to 4" x 6"  and 3" x 4" and fit them right into the sleeves. You have less waste and guilt about cutting into large 12x12 pieces and the small leftovers are great for layering and embellishing. 
Project life layout by Josie Teh
The paper pad came with 2 pieces of this great accent cuts paper, which are perfect as embellishments for my Project Life inserts.
​Last but not least, I made a mini card as well... This card measures only 4"x 4". 6x6 paper pads are perfect for cards as the designs are usually printed on a smaller scale. 
You're just my type - by Josie Teh for Mei Li Paperie
So you can see 6x6 paper pads can be very versatile and fun to use on a variety of projects. Plus, its a great way to get all the patterns in a collection. Want to get some great 6x6 paper pads for yourself? Head over to the shop and use the code josie6x6 to get 15% off 6x6 paper pads (excludes those on clearance).. hurry because the code will expire Midnight on Sunday May25th (Hong Kong time). Happy shopping! 

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