Monday, October 6, 2014

Introducing our October guest Caylee Grey!

We want to deeply apologize for the delay here over the past 2 weeks. As you may have seen on the news Hong Kong is at a pivotal point regarding our politics.. and due to the tight controls that our lovely neighbours prefer to have over such situations, internet services for sites such as Blogger have been very much delayed and at most points blocked completely. We really appreciate your patience as we work through these historical changes.. we are already noticing the restrictions easing back to the way it was so we hope things return back to normal soon.

So without further ado... we would love to announce our wonderful October guest designer, Caylee Grey. We have been long time admirers of her work. Her project life is simply stunning and her art journaling inspiring. Here is what Caylee has to say about herself:

I believe that adventures are created. I also believe in subtle magic. I treasure those casual magical, adventurous moments, and as such, collect them. I live in South Africa with my husband and fur baby / snowball sidekick. I work for myself which is the best because it means that pants are optional. I thrive on organisation, and getting things done. I throw glitter onto a page and leave the clean up worry until later.

Isnt her work fantastic?!? Make sure you check out her blog.. she is always posting great stuff there and on her instagram

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